Gustavo Bulgach & Klezmer Juice—Saturday Sept 21 + Boulevard Music Summer 4 page Flyer Download

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On Saturday September 7th Boulevard Music presents Klezmer Juice—a Los Angeles-based Klezmer/Jewish soul band with a healthy dose of Latin flavor, led by International Clarinetist Gustavo Bulgach—provides exactly that. Klezmer Juice is the new generation of Jewish Soul music. With wide-ranging international backgrounds, a youthful vibe, and adding an exciting Latin undertone to their music, they are the torchbearers of an ancient traditional craft that unites generations in spirit. They create fresh interpretations of traditional and original tunes that capture the hearts of a new generation of fans.

After an unforgettable performance in the Hollywood Mega Hit Movie The Wedding Crashers, Klezmer Juice entertains—and brings people together with their unique and upbeat international sounds.

Klezmer Juice is vibrant Yiddish soul imbued with musical influences both old and new from around the world. Representing a new generation of Jewish soul musicians, the youthful group members see themselves as the new generation carrying on the tradition of this ancient craft.

Boulevard Music Summer 4 Page Flyer Download